Repro / Pre-Press Printing

Prepress is the process between the creation of your design laid out and the final printing, often known as the proofing stage. At Response EPM, our first-class pre-press helps with identifying those small overlooked discrepancies which may otherwise be missed.

When overprinting onto envelopes, we keep all the up to date Royal Mail and consolidator insignias. In addition we can also set up your BRE (Business Reply Envelope), if supplied with the full address and reply licence numbers supplied by Royal Mail. 

If supplying in printed material for conversion to envelopes or items which require folding or gluing, please talk to one of the team prior to printing. We will supply you with a guide and imposition sheet for you to refer to before printing. This will help to make sure you print your sheets following the criteria required when finishing and eliminate the potential for any wasted material.

Response EPM can also produce proof copies of the individual items on demand using our Litho or Inkjet presses, or alternatively even put together fully printed sample pack proofs. This is a great way for our customers to check all elements of their mailing pack, prior to printing all the elements of the campaign.

Using intelligent technology to maximise the print productivity and ensuring the best results; we work hard to ensure the highest level of quality and service from concept to completion.

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