Digital Printing

Here at Response EPM, we offer cost-effective, high quality digital printing in house. Using our expertise, high standard of machinery, polymerised toner and paper ranging from 70gsm to 350gsm, with added ability to personalise, print both sides in a single pass holding register. We're confident you will not be disappointed when choosing to print digitally with us here at Response EPM.  

During the process, the heat method of fusing the polymerised toner to the substrate to create your design means you will not be worrying about the print boiling off, when putting the already printed substrate back through a secondary laser printer to add information or text at a later date. 

Pre-press procedures involved in digital printing are limited, so there's no need for plates, chemicals and limited paper waste, as the print is accurate form the first copy enabling you to minimise the cost, whilst at the same time recycling less; which can only be much better for the environment. 

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