Litho Printing

At Response EPM, we offer a high-quality litho printing service. This traditional but highly effective method of printing will ensure your mailing campaign stands out from the crowd. Using a CTP (Computer-to-Plate) system, special plates are used to apply four colours to a rubber roller, which applies the print to the paper.

If you prefer to stay away from digital printing, litho is the best option for you. The ink used is liquid, rather than the toner powder commonly used in digital printing. This means that litho printing can use special, metallic and Pantone colours which will increase the quality of the print. If you choose litho print, you can also choose from a wider range of paper weights too, from 70gsm all the way up to thick card.

Litho is the best option if your design includes large blocks of solid colour or gradients as it will make the final product look smoother whether you opt for textured or coloured paper.

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